Peter F. Healey, Esq.
Labor, Employment and Commercial Arbitrator and Mediator
Serving Metro Washington, D.C. & the Mid-Atlantic Region

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Mr. Healey is available to serve as an arbitrator or mediator in employment, labor and commercial matters in metropolitan Washington, D.C. (including Maryland and Virginia)  and throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.
Peter F. Healey, Esq.


Since 2009, Mr. Healey has applied expertise gained over several decades as a workplace and business law practitioner to service as an alternative dispute resolution neutral. Read more.

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As an employment, labor and commercial specialist, Mr. Healey has served as party selected arbitrator in numerous workplace and business cases. Contact Peter Healey now.
ADR Training

ADR Training

Peter Healey's approach as an arbitrator and mediator is to address and resolve matters fairly, promptly and at reasonable cost without the time, expense and delay of contested litigation.